Our Services

Complete Customer Satisfaction

We  promise to deliver you a high quality product, and the friendliest service and advice possible.

Here to Help You

We are here to help you in every way that we can.We’re on your side ready to help with all your subscription needs.

Priority Service

If you have a tight deadline to meet, chances are, we can meet it. For more information, simply ask us about our Priority Service.

Competitive Cost

To meet the need of clinet compatitive cost and short leadtime are the efforts from our Production and sourcing tem.

We will help your business stand out by providing  solutions that ‘shine bright’.

We will ‘guide you when you are lost’, helping you choose the best  solutions for your business.

We will go to great lengths to provide you ith ‘5 Star’quality and service.

As a client of Star Stuff Group, we think ‘you are a star’, and you can expect that we will treat you like one!


At Aeco, we pride ourselves on our highly collaborative, open and friendly working environment. We’re one team, working together to achieve far-reaching and exciting goals. Hear why some of our employees love working at Aeco.